Is Hearthstone Accessible to Visually Impaired Players? How to Start Playing

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Hearthstone is an engaging collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe. Let us delve into its world and learn how to get started with this captivating title.


“I’ve probably heard about Hearthstone since its announcement, but when it was released, I started experiencing vision problems, so I couldn’t play it back then. However, just recently, I was surprised to learn that Hearthstone is available for visually impaired players, just like World of Warcraft, which we’ve also written about.”

The Birth of Hearthstone and Initial Challenges

Like many other video games, Hearthstone faces various accessibility limitations for individuals with disabilities. Here are some key aspects that may pose challenges for such players:

  • Visual Impairments. The game relies on visual perception, which can be problematic for people with limited vision or other visual impairments. For example, some cards have small fonts or intricate details that can be difficult to distinguish.
  • Audio Limitations. The game’s audio cues and commentary can be essential elements in Hearthstone. People with hearing impairments may have difficulties perceiving audio signals and commentary.

These are just a couple of examples present in any video game, and Hearthstone is no different. Developers and the gaming community actively work on improving accessibility for all players, including those with disabilities.

Many examples of changes and features have been implemented to make Hearthstone more accessible, and we can detail how they work. However, let us move on to how one can get started with the game while being visually impaired.

Beginner Tips and Guides

There are two installation methods for the Hearthstone Access: automatic and manual. In either case, you will need to re-install the mod every time Hearthstone itself is updated.

Automatic Installation

  1. Follow the link and download the installer developed by the community member leibylucw;
  2. Upon downloading the installer, HearthstoneAccess_Beta_Patcher.exe, move it to the game’s folder (by default, the installation path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone);
  3. Run the HearthstoneAccess_Beta_Patcher.exe installer placed in the game’s folder. A console window will open and, after a few seconds, the following lines indicating the completion of the installation will appear.

Once the last line appears, press “Enter” to exit the installation. In the future, when you need to update Hearthstone Access, simply run the installer again.

Manual Installation

You can download the latest version of Hearthstone Access (as of 2023) with the following link.

Click the “Download” button to begin downloading the ZIP archive with the necessary files.

Once downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Open the downloaded file by pressing the Enter key on it;
  2. A zip archive window will open, displaying the patch folder inside. Open it by pressing Enter;
  3. Inside the patch folder, you will see three subfolders: accessibility, hearthstone_data, and strings. Select all contents by pressing Ctrl+A, then copy them by pressing Ctrl+C;
  4. Navigate to the Hearthstone folder, which is typically located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone;
  5. Paste the copied files by pressing Ctrl+V and confirm replacing the existing files with the new ones.

After copying the Hearthstone Access files, the installation will be complete.

You can stay updated or get more answers on the developers’ Discord server.

Now for a few tips:


“The challenge with Hearthstone is primarily the need to absorb, understand, and remember a large amount of information. For example: how cards work, their characteristics, strategies for each deck, and against each opponent, etc. But all of this is possible with practice gained while just playing for the fun of it.”

  • Complete the Training. Start by going through the in-game tutorial included by the developers. It will introduce you to the rules and control basics, as well as teach you some fundamental strategies;
  • Understand Classes and Cards. Hearthstone revolves around different classes and their unique card sets. Try to understand how each class works and what cards are typically included in their decks;
  • Practice. Play as much as you can. Practice is the key to mastery. The more you play, the better you will understand the game mechanics and develop your own strategies;
  • Don’t Get Disheartened by Defeats. Losses are an inevitable part of any competitive game. Do not feel discouraged if things are not going smoothly. Learn from your mistakes and strive to improve;
  • Play for Fun. Remember that the main goal of the game is to have fun. Enjoy the magic of Hearthstone and progress at your own pace.

By following these tips, you will gain the experience that will help you enjoy and succeed in Hearthstone.


Hearthstone undoubtedly offers an engaging world of magic and strategy that can be a source of enjoyment for players of all experience levels. Just do not forget that practice and a constant desire to improve are of paramount importance. Good luck in your card battles!