Alt Text on Instagram: What Is It?

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In Instagram, where visuals reign supreme, alt text is a very important feature. This article explains alt text on Instagram. Discover the art of creating a good alt text for Instagram, unlocking a world where every image narrates its story, ensuring inclusivity, and amplifying your content’s discoverability.. Get ready to embrace Alt Insta – where every word adds depth to your visual storytelling journey on Instagram

What is alt text on instagram?

Instagram alt text serves as a brief description designed to elucidate the content of an Instagram post, encompassing photos, videos, carousel posts, or Instagram Stories. Often denoted as “alternative text,” it becomes visible when an image takes time to load, fails to load, or is being read by screen readers.

While Instagram generates automatic alt text for posts, this pre-generated text may not consistently capture the essence of the image. Hence, the significance of incorporating personalized Instagram alt text remains pivotal.

Why is it important

Alt text becomes crucial when a photo loads slowly, for visually impaired users employing a browser, or when utilizing a screen reader to convey image content. Although Instagram automatically generates alt text for posts, it often falls short of capturing the complete context and description of the image.

Writing personalized alt text holds importance for both accessibility and SEO. It facilitates screen readers in narrating image descriptions to visually impaired users and enhances content discoverability by search features and engines based on provided descriptions.

In conclusion, adopting the practice of crafting your own alt text for Instagram posts is a beneficial strategy. It not only ensures better accessibility but also improves the chances of reaching a broader audience on the platform.

What is alt text on instagram?

Instagram alt text examples

Here are some alt text instagram examples:

  • “A person walking a dog on a leash in a park.”
  • “The red cover of a large book featuring the title ‘Crime and Punishment’.” 
  • “A cyclist wearing a vibrant yellow sports outfit energetically pedaling”.

How to write alt text on instagram

If you wish to edit alt text before posting a photo on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Upload an existing photo to Instagram.
  2. Apply a filter and edit the image, then proceed to the Next step.
  3. Click on Accessibility, where you can input your desired alt text in the provided box.
  4. Finalize the process by clicking Share to publish your post.

For those who want to modify the alt text of a photo after it has already been posted, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Above the photo or video, select more options.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Navigate to Accessibility and write or edit the alt text in the designated box.
  4. Save your changes by clicking Done.

This was the version for computers. If you want versions for Android or IOS, check this link

How to view alt text on instagram

  1. Open the desired Instagram post requiring alt text.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu icon at the top right of the post and select “Edit.”
  3. Locate the “Aa” icon (Add Alt Text icon) at the bottom right of your image, labeled “Edit Alt Text,” and tap it.
  4. Provide a precise description of your image’s content and context.
  5. Save your alt text by tapping “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen.
  6. Confirm your changes by clicking “Done” in the upper-right corner to update the post.

Alt text for SEO

SEO strategies often revolve around content optimization and link building. Yet, the power of keyword-rich alt text should not be underestimated, especially when applied to the images within your blog posts. This practice can significantly contribute to boosting traffic to your website.

By incorporating relevant alt text, you provide search engines with insights into the image content, improving its visibility in related image search results. The same principle applies to Instagram posts. Strategic alt text aids the Instagram algorithm in comprehending the image’s context, enhancing the likelihood of your post appearing in the ‘Explore’ section for your intended audience. This has become increasingly vital due to recent adjustments in Instagram Search.

While the platform already utilizes image recognition, the inclusion of alt text ensures precise content targeting. This is essential for connecting with your desired audience, especially when users are searching for content related to your brand, niche, or product.

Moreover, should Google choose to feature Instagram photos in its image search results, well-crafted alt text will position your posts prominently in relevant searches. This promises to extend and diversify your online reach effectively

Tips on good alt text in Instagram

Tips on good alt text in Instagram
  1. Be concise: Provide necessary details without delving into background information. A factual tone is preferred over overly expressive language.
  2. Think about structure: Recognize that screen readers often present alt text as a block, lacking structured presentation. Write the text as part of your content, considering how it complements the overall narrative.
  3. Mimic regular writing: If you’d use abbreviations or skip redundancy in standard writing, apply the same approach to alt text. Avoid restating information already detailed in your content.
  4. Subjectivity matters: Prioritize the text alone; consider whether the image adds value to a general audience or if its elements are better presented in a heading.
  5. Word choice: Exclude generic terms like image or picture; screen readers identify images through HTML tags. Ensure correct spelling, as misspellings are common in alt text.
  6. Coherence: Treat alt text as an integral part of your content; review the entire piece, including regular material and alt text, as a cohesive unit.
  7. Decorative images: Reevaluate the use of decorative images with overlaid text, considering how the narrative flows when images are not displayed.
  8. Abbreviations: Stick to commonly known abbreviations and acronyms; ensure accuracy and provide the same information to screen-reader users as sighted audiences.
  9. Include text in the image: Incorporate any text within the alt text, using labels like “Text:” or “Title:” where appropriate.
  10. Align with the image: Ensure alt text corresponds accurately to the image content. Avoid adding information not present in the image; maintain consistency for both sighted and non-sighted audiences.
  11. Adjust details based on context: Tailor alt text length and detail to the context. Consider the purpose and placement of images, providing more detail for meticulously composed shots and adjusting for varying contexts.

The Power of Alt Text

In conclusion, understanding how to use alt text on Instagram is a valuable skill for enhancing your content’s accessibility and discoverability. By delving into the alt text meaning on Instagram, you unlock the potential to provide meaningful descriptions for your visually impaired audience and improve your overall SEO strategy. Crafting thoughtful alt text for Instagram allows you to reach a broader audience, ensuring that your content resonates with diverse users. So, don’t overlook the power of alt insta – it’s not just about images; it’s about creating an inclusive and engaging experience for everyone in the Instagram community.

Does including alt text on Instagram posts enhance engagement?

Incorporating alt text can significantly improve your posts’ visibility in search results, providing a richer context for voice assistants when queried about your brand. Alt text fosters engagement through several mechanisms, notably by making your content more accessible, thereby broadening your audience reach.

Is it possible to view alt text on Instagram posts?

Accessing alt text on Instagram requires the use of a screen reader, as it’s designed primarily for users with visual impairments. Understanding the importance of alt text, we’ll guide you on how to add it to both new and existing Instagram posts.

What advantages does alt text offer on Instagram?

Alt text plays a crucial role in enhancing both accessibility and SEO on Instagram. It enables screen readers to describe images to visually impaired users and improves content discoverability by search functions and search engines through detailed image descriptions.