The Last of Us Part II Remastered

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Naughty Dog
PlayStation 5

This is the direct continuation of the first part of The Last of Us series, where the developers continue to delight us with excellent accessibility, captivating storylines, and engaging gameplay.

The remaster boasts not only the main story but also a plethora of intriguing additional content, including numerous developer diaries, interviews with actors, and much more. There are also extremely engaging game modes:

No Return: A Rogue-like mode where you can choose one of 10 characters and enjoy concentrated action as you pass through a series of challenges. After each location, you return to a hub where you upgrade your character, buy various items and weapons, and spend resources on different upgrades. However, if you die during the run, like in any rogue-like game, you start from scratch.

Free Play Mode on Guitar: Using the DualSense controller, you can feel like a musician, playing on several types of guitars and banjos.

The story remains as mature and harsh as ever, with excellent sound design and music. However, in my humble opinion, it feels like Gustavo Santaolalla did not contribute to every track in the second part, which is a bit disappointing as some compositions are not as memorable.

I would have loved to give the game the same high accessibility rating, but I must deduct 1 point due to the practical impossibility of obtaining one trophy for exploring all points of interest in Seattle. The navigation assistance stubbornly refused to guide me to every single point needed to achieve this, making it difficult to get the platinum trophy without a sighted helper. Despite this small inconvenience, you will have hours of thrilling gameplay. I highly recommend it to everyone.